About Us

PAULETTE MOUQUET, The International High Fashion Couture Designer, A talented artist, A singer and Executive producer. introduces her team An amazing line up of Models, Artists, Dancers, beauty queens, producers, performers , who are lightining up the Paris sky . ❤️These celebrities share one thing in common : They shine, they inspire, motivate, influence and bring the best in evryone. Our production team is solidly made up of award-winning and experienced filmmakers, producers, award-winning talented actors and actresses, multi-talented beauty queens with experiences in cinema, fashion and recognized in their humanitarian actions. Each contribution best for the success of HOLLYWOOD STAR IN PARIS TV REALITY SHOW

Hello  friends !  My name is Paulette Mouquet  ( Hollywood Star In Paris)

I am Hollywood Awardee,   International high Fashion couture designer,

Singer, actress, Film producer,  CEO & Publisher Magazines

As the universe  has opened me the doors of success . I want to share what I have received with someone else. That is why I created Hollywood Star In Paris


 ” is a humanitarian reality show, With the aim of welcoming, supporting , promoting all talents coming from different fields, and from various parts of the world.

• Dancers, Artists, cooks, designers, models, beauty queens, actors /

actresses, singers, musicians, photographers, cameramen, martial arts, aviation and

other atypical profiles.

This first season is  to explain how the idea cames to Paulette Mouquet to create Hollywood star in Paris Tv reality show.

Part of the income from HOLLYWOOD STAR IN PARIS REALITY SHOW will go to associations that support young single parents in the word, 

This reality TV program has everything for an attractive audience both nationally and internationally

 Join us in this project that will be a Hit And benefit from many advantages contact :

email :  hollywoodstarparis@gmail.com


Instagram : @hollywoodstaraparis